«The top model of the nineties – a victim of beauty procedures»: The close-up photo of iconic model Campbell caused a stir

Are you ready to see a rare close-up photo of model Campbell without filters?

This beauty icon, overall-recognized star and one of the highest-paid models has recently left the catwalk where she outshone absolutely everyone in order to pay more attention and dedicate herself to her precious family.

Whereas this fact failed to prevent her loyal fans from sincerely admiring her who has still remained their biggest inspiration and the style icon.

However, when we have a look at the former top model’s close-up photos, we will surely notice that her entire face has been filled with fillers, face lift and other beauty procedures.

According to one of the most legendary models of the nineties, she is not only into cosmetic procedures, but also places a significant importance on her nutrition and regular physical activities.

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