«The stunning wife and three heiresses of Rambo»: No one could remain indifferent towards the charm of Stallone’s wife and girls

The fans couldn’t take their eyes off Stallone’s unearthly beautiful wife and girls

It is needless to say that S. Stallone is among the most exemplary and praiseworthy figures of the world of cinema though he was raised in extreme poverty being deprived of carefree childhood years.

The prominent actor is already in his 70s , whereas still takes an active part in films and is engaged in major projects. For many, a simple thought of Stallone brings back memories about Rambo and he can truly be considered a macho man.

What concerns his personal life, he has been married three times. He married photographer J. Flavin back in 1997 with whom he is still happy and even their big age difference failed to prevent them from being together.

In youth, Jennifer took part in two movies, whereas soon gave up on her acting career. She is currently a successful cosmetics magnate.

The admirable spouses have three charming heiresses and in this heartwarming family photo the four princesses look so stunning that it becomes hard to guess who is the mother.

These are the unearthly beautiful girls. Take a look!

22-year-old Sofia

20-year-old Sistine

17-year-old Scarlet

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