«The six-time Oscar winner with eyes full of sadness»: The way prominent actor Hanks has changed over years left his fans speechless

Here is overall-recognized film star Tom Hanks: How does the man look at 66?

There is probably no one who isn’t familiar with this talented, successful and overall-recognized actor, well-remembered for his roles in «The Da Vinci Code», «The Green Mile» and «Forrest Gump».

It should be noted that the iconic movie star has been nominated for an Oscar six times and the latest work of the well-known man is the film «A Man Called Otto». The great actor’s recent appearance at the premiere didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

Yet, many rushed to note that the praiseworthy film star has changed a lot in the course of time.

His fans claim that the iconic man has noticeably changed, deep wrinkles and other age-related changes appeared on his face and his dark hair has turned gray.

However, Hank looked quite stylish appearing in a classic black suit with a white shirt and completing his look with black boots.

Are you a fan of this legendary actor?

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