«The new lover of Shakira’s ex-husband»: Gerard Pique, Shakira’s ex-husband, showed his girlfriend, a 23-year-old model

Here is the model whom Gerard Pique started dating after divorcing Shakira

It goes without saying that all the fans were left in tears and sorrow once they learnt that their favorite couple Shakira and her husband G. Pique, misfortunately, divorced.

Their family was an exemplary one for millions who were more than sure these two were destined for each other. However, it is time to say goodbye to this couple since they both started a completely new life separate from each other.

Not long ago, Pique finally showed his new girlfriend who is a 23-year-old model named Clara Chia Marti. The young girl charmed absolutely everyone with her unearthly beauty, femininity and cuteness.

Those who were strongly against the popular singer kept claiming that the man eventually found the love he always deserved.

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