«The little girl with a doll appearance has grown»: The unearthly beautiful girl who won all the beauty competitions has turned 17

Here are new photos of the Barbie-like girl, the winner of all the beauty contests

Meet Eden, a lovable and an unearthly beautiful 17-year-old American model who first gained fame and overall recognition at the age of four when she became the absolute winner of a beauty competition. However unbelievable it might seem, by the age of six the charming girl has already won three hundred beauty contests earning millions of dollars.

On the other hand, the absolutely adorable girl’s mother has been heavily criticized for many times for not having allowed her little daughter to enjoy the carefree years of her childhood. As a result, the 17-year-old girl has a great number of followers on social media and currently runs her own business selling various products for kids.

«Poor girlie, her mother heartlessly deprived her of childhood», «The girl has grown up prematurely», «Beautiful but with a tone of makeup», «Looks considerably older».

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