«The idols of our time then and now»: The legends of the world cinematography have changed beyond recognition

The way our idols from the past have changed won’t let you remain indifferent

Meet these prominent, legendary and successful film stars who had a huge army of loyal fans, won millions of female hearts and were overall-recognized with their great talent, charisma and attractiveness. There is no denying that hardly anyone could remain indifferent towards their handsomeness in youth, whereas the way they look now pleases far not everyone. Regretfully, times passes at a lightning speed and our idols from the 1990s are now hard to recognize. Yet, the fact that they are in the process of ageing is inevitable. Regardless of all this, their fans still consider them their biggest inspiration and idol of all time.


R. Gere


M. Rourke

J. Depp

D. Hoffman

B. Willis


C. Eastwood

R. De Niro

S. Connery

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