«The highest-paid American actress is not the same»: Johansson’s vacation shots in a bikini on a yacht caused a stir

The rare footage of Johansson in a swimsuit didn’t let anyone remain indifferent

Lately, the paparazzi were fortunate enough to catch the highest-paid American movie star S. Johansson in a scarlet swimsuit on a yacht while she was away on vacation. The exclusive shots revealing the renowned actress’s half-naked body instantly caused a stir on social media.

Many rushed to point out the fact that the Hollywood celebrity has noticeably gained a lot of weight and, therefore, doesn’t look the same.

Meanwhile, despite all the negative and criticizing comments on her «imperfectness», her loyal fans rushed to praise the talented movie star being delighted with her stunning body shape and femininity.

There were also opinions that Johansson put on her granny’s pantaloons since it looked rather old-fashioned and failed to perfectly emphasize her attractive figure.

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