«The future Hollywood’s leading bachelor»: Actress Thurman’s handsome 20-year-old son wins millions of female hearts

You will be surprised seeing Thurman’s son who has grown into a conqueror of hearts

Apart from her drizzling and successful acting career, U. Thurman succeeded in her personal life too giving birth to three children – Maya Ray, Lavon Green Hawk and Rosalind. It is relevant to mention that the movie star’s daughters are the most popular ones from the three.

And here is Thurman’s handsome heir who willingly decided to follow the career footsteps of his overall-recognized mother.

It should be noted that the 20-year-old boy has already taken part in the TV show «Very Strange Things» in which his older sister had participation as well. As a result, Maya has become a popular and demanded star quickly gaining followers on social media.

What concerns Lavon’s appearance, a number of girls has claimed that he possesses such appearance that each and every girl would dream of him.

The young man’s appearance doesn’t let any single one remain indifferent and many predict that he is about to conquer the Hollywood industry.


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