“The conqueror of millions of hearts is not the same anymore”: The iconic actor portraying Bond is now hard to recognize

James Bond starred by Dalton lost his charm ceasing to be among the hottest men

Though 6 prominent and successful actors have starred the role of legendary James Bond, the character is mainly associated with outstanding and talented actor T. Dalton. Many are more than sure that the iconic man was the one who portrayed the character in the best way.

His brutality, courage and attractiveness made each and every woman madly fall in love with him. The part of Rhett Butler in the Scarlett TV series, a prequel to “Gone with the Wind” became overall recognized owing to this legendary movie star.

It should be noted that O. Muti, E. Taylor as well as R. Schneider were interested in the well-known actor, whereas the man remained totally indifferent.

Though Dalton had been in two serious relationships, he didn’t even have intentions to get married. Here, it is relevant to mention the name of O. Grigorieva, a Russian pianist, who gave birth to the movie star’s heir. Whereas, misfortunately, they soon broke up.

Currently, the star of Bond prefers solitude and isn’t in search of the love of his life. The way Timothy has radically changed becoming partly bald having lost his charm over the years.

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