«The biggest infant in history»: The way the unique boy born weighing over 7 kilos in 1983 has changed surprised everyone

This is how the boy who was born weighing 7 kilos looks after 39 years

The birth of this absolutely unique boy didn’t let any single one remain indifferent. However hard it may be to believe, he was born weighing 7 kilos and has long been considered the nation’s biggest infant in history.

Since they already had other babies who were also born weighing more than it was expected, the mother was ready to meet her big newborn, whereas didn’t except that he would weigh over seven kilos.

Once he was taken home, no clothes that they had bought beforehand fitted him and, already at the age of twelve, Kevin was 152 cm tall. The unique man admits that at that time his parents could hardly find clothes and footwear appropriate for him.

He also recalls that due to his unusual height, everyone was more than sure that he would achieve success in being engaged in basketball. Whereas the little boy’s obsessions were hunting and fishing, not taking up sports.

Currently, the unique man is a member of the US Air Force and is a state police officer. Kevin recalls that while still being a child, he was constantly mocked and laughed at by his peers and classmates and he grew sick and tired of all the jokes addressed to him.

He is currently living his best life with his beloved wife, faithful dog living in a mansion.

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