«The big secret of the ideal of female beauty»: One of the most spectacular singers revealed the secret she’d always been hiding

This is what one of the best-known singers Dalida has been hiding all her life

Everyone in the world is familiar with singer Dalida who used to be among the most highly praised, spectacular and outstanding singers of all time and who became overall-recognized not only for her angelically beautiful voice, amazing vocal skills, but also charming appearance and charisma. The idol of millions possessed a stunning figure, lush and gorgeous hair as well as admirable smile being considered to be one of the most legendary stars.

Whereas the demanded singer was not really satisfied with her appearance and always suffered from low self-esteem. It soon turned out that she, as a child, suffered a serious infection which affected the performer’s eyes causing strabismus because of which the iconic woman was mocked and laughed at school.

However, even when the iconic woman was already grown-up and mature enough, she still suffered from low self-esteem the reason of which was her strange-looking eyes. In order to get rid of her problem, the singer has undergone a series of treatment and slept with the lights on which caused unbearable eye soreness. What is more, she has undergone 3 operations and, eventually, was able to correct her eyes.

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