The actor in “Harry Potter” was mistaken for an unhoused man and was given a coffee

There is nothing left of the previous Potter.

On “The Graham Norton Show”, the actor uncovered how he was once mistaken for an unhoused man. The star of “Harry Potter” went for a walk with his girlfriend and dog. The actor’s companion entered the store, and the boy sat down and cuddled the dog.

“I wore a T-shirt and a big jacket, and the dog was cold, so I made up my mind to sit down and warm him up,” he tells.

At some point, a young man came close to him and handed the actor five dollars with the writing “Buy yourself a coffee, friend.”

And although Radcliffe states to have been well dressed, the occurrence served as an alert for him. Possibly, he thought, he should shave more frequently. Right, at that time the actor made an attempt to put the blame on the dog for what had occurred. But we know that the dog is not to blame for anything.

And who wouldn’t be awkward? There is nothing left of the previous Potter. Radcliffe himself accepts that he was frequently drunk in the sixth film “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. Generally, he started using alcohol early in order to be motivated and for stress relief. And although the actor states that he got rid of this bad habit a long time ago, he does not look alright. And those around him confirm it. And that’s certainly an alert, Radcliffe. Think about it before it’s too late.

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