«She has no equals, amazing!»: Madonna’s provocative look in stockings and a tuxedo was heavily criticized

The scandalous appearance of Madonna in a revealing look has long been discussed

The iconic 64-year-old Hollywood diva definitely knows how to surprise her fans with her daring and rather scandalous appearance. This time, the overall-recognized star left every single one speechless appearing in stockings and a tuxedo. No single one could remain indifferent towards the diva’s unusual and rather provocative look.

«What happened to the idol of millions? She is no more the same», «The queen is here. Envy silently!», «Her glory has been left behind», «Is there anyone in Hollywood hotter than her?».

«The granny has lost her mind, for sure!», «The best out of the best».

What is your opinion about the 64-year-old celebrity’s bold look?

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