«Reunited with her guardian angel»: The heartwarming reunion of these two soulmates impressed everyone

The touching story about a girl who found the nurse who saved her life years ago

Today’s incredible story is about Amanda who, at the age of 3, misfortunately, experienced a serious burn and was immediately sent to a rehabilitation center. The following heartwarming photo of her and the bighearted nurse who operated on her instantly went viral the Internet. Eventually, after many years, the two soulmates happily met each other leaving the netizens speechless.

The kind-hearted and generous nurse treated the little innocent child with all the love from the bottom of her heart. She was pleasantly surprised with the girl’s calmness who didn’t even cry or scream.

When the girl was already grown-up and mature enough, he posted this photo on social media claiming that her cherished dream was to find her guardian angel and express her gratitude to her. However surprising it might seem, Susan, her nurse, was found on the first day of the  publication and Amanda’s happiness recognized no bounds,

Their long-waited meeting deeply impressed them both. They two simply couldn’t hold back their tears.

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