“Popular stars and their children”: Looking at the children of these overall-famous people, one hardly believes they are relatives

Here are the children of well-known stars who don’t really look like their parents

We frequently show well-known and successful people and their children who are literally the exact copies of each other, often being called “two peas in a pod”. Whereas it should be mentioned that there have been many cases when parents and their kids who don’t really look like each other, sometimes even causing suspicion and hesitation. Moreover, it raises uncomfortable questions whether they are actually relatives or not.

Here is outstanding singer Sting with his heiress Eliot Sumner

Meet M. Griffith and her daughter Dakota

Did you recognize Raphael, De Niro’s son?

Here is the charming daughter of R. Atkinson, Lily

Believe it or not, this is legendary Celentano’s son Giacomo

Meet stunning U. Thurman and her heiress Maya Hawke

However surprising it is, here is R. Perlman’s daughter Blake

Meet Dylan, Brosnan’s heir

Did you recognize Willis’s daughter? Her name is Willis Rumer

Iconic musician Jackson and his absolutely unique daughter Paris

Singer Cher’s eldest son Chaz Bono

Here is P. Walker’s heiress Meadow Rain

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