«No single age-related change at 40»: The way Hollywood actress Hathaway at 40 looks in a bikini won’t let anyone remain indifferent

The rare footage revealing half-naked 40-year-old Hathaway left everyone speechless

The recent vacation shots of popular, successful and charming American actress A. Hathaway were shared on social media pleasantly surprising the fans of the Hollywood diva. The fans were left speechless with how she at 40 looks in a bikini.

«How is it even possible to look like this at 40?», «You are indescribably beautiful, feminine and gorgeous», «You possess a flawless body shape», «It is every girl’s and woman’s dream to look like this at 40», «You look at least 20 years younger».

«People, envy silently!», «Bravo, Hathaway», «You look stunning at your age».

This is how the network users reacted. Are you a fan of this popular Hollywood actress?

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