«Mr. Bean’s ex-wife and children»: Here are the kids and the ex-wife of legendary comic actor Rowan Atkinson

The unearthly beautiful daughter of Mr. Bean won’t let anyone remain indifferent

Though incredibly talented and praiseworthy comic actor R. Atkinson has brilliantly played dozens of roles in the course of his acting career, his legendary role portraying Mr. Bean was the one that brought him the greatest success, overall recognition and career heights.

It should be noted that in 2022 an interesting cartoon with the participation of the famous character was debuted.

And not so long ago, the well-known comedian excellently acted in the great film «Agent Johnny English».

Meanwhile, many of his fans were greatly interested in his personal life and wanted to know who the comic actor’s wife is and what his kids look like. It is known that the actor had happily been married to S. Shastri for already 25 years with whom he has two children. His daughter named Lily never ceases to pleasantly surprise the fans with her unearthly beauty and charm.

And here is his heir, Benjamin, who is the exact copy of his father according to many.

After so many years of marital life, the spouses, unfortunately,  filed for divorce. Currently, the great actor is dating 34-year-old actress L. Ford with whom he has a kid as well.

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