«Loren with a big nose and double chin before surgeries»: Archival photos of legendary actress Loren caused a stir on network

This is how Loren looked with her big nose and double chin before plastic surgeries

There is no need to mention that legendary, renowned and successful actress S. Loren still remains the icon of beauty and femininity for her fans who simply can’t take their eyes of the well-known actress even at her 88. However, the cult movie star doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she has undergone plastic surgeries in order to bring her appearance to perfection. What is more, Loren has recently decided on a facelift beauty procedure.

Despite her worldwide popularity and influence, it was hard to call the legendary woman the epitome of female beauty since she had a relatively big nose and a double chin which definitely weren’t unnoticed. There is no denying that she looked totally different before having undergone operations.

According to experts’ studies, the overall-recognized actress corrected the shape of her eyes, finally got rid of her double chin and started to look much more charming and attractive. Her main charm, though, has always remained her charisma and energy.

What films have you watched played by the iconic Italian actress?

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