«Looks her best, no question!»: No one could take their eyes of 53-year-old Lopez in revealing swimwear on the beach

Exclusive photos of singer and actress Lopez in a spicy bikini hit the network

Stunning, one of the best-known and most successful American singers and movie stars J. Lopez still never ceases to delight her fans with her unearthly beauty, brightness and excellent taste.

Meanwhile, the recent paparazzi photos hit the network revealing the iconic celebrity’s entirely natural look without an ounce of makeup, styled hair, beauty filters and retouching. The outstanding American actress chose a revealing green swimsuit which hardly covered her private places and put on sunglasses, massive earrings and a bracelet.

«Nothing special», «She looks absolutely gorgeous no matter where, when and in what she is», «A goddess is here».

«She looks perfect on her Instagram photos», «Her natural appearance noticeably differs from that of on social media», «An ordinary-looking 53-year-old woman».

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