“Look more like twins!”: The way the 48-year-old sister of Muti looks greatly surprised the netizens  

Muti left absolutely her fans speechless showing her 48-year-old heiress

Looking at iconic, charming and successful star of cinematography who always delighted everyone with her mind-blowing appearance won’t let anyone stay indifferent. Many are more than sure the iconic actress is unaware of how to get older and still looks fantastic at her 67. The legendary film star has recently surprised her followers sharing photos with her daughter who looks exactly like her mother. Many even call them “two peas in a pod”.

Many rushed to complement the actress claiming that she looks like her daughter’s twin. Many praised her well-maintained and well-groomed appearance. “You look gorgeous!”, “How beautiful they are”, “Look more like twins”.

“Who is the mother?”, “Inherited her mom’s incredible genes”, ‘They, surprisingly, are each other’s copies”.

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