«Legendary Curly Sue after 30 years»: This is how actress Alison Porter, the starlet from «Curly Sue», looks at 41

The way the star from «Curly Sue» has changed since its release surprised everyone

However hard it might be to believe, the lovable little star from «Curly Sue», the release of which was over 30 years ago, has already celebrated her 41th birthday. For many, it is rather difficult to realize that the legendary picture was filmed about three decades ago. The recent photos showing the star in her 40s have recently hit the network.

«Time flies at a lightning speed», «She still looks amazing at 41», «Haven’t seen an actress prettier than her!», «Looks fantastic no matter her age».

«Are we already that old? How come?», «She has changed beyond recognition», «The most beloved movie of my childhood», «How charismatic and adorable she actually is».

Have you watched the legendary movie? Share your impressions about the actress below!

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