«Klum’s angelically beautiful heiress»: No one could take their eyes off iconic model Heidi Klum’s charming teenage girl

Klum showed her 17-year-old daughter who left everyone speechless with her beauty

Many overall-recognized fashion models’ kids choose to follow their parents’ career footsteps. There are a lot of cases when they achieve incredible heights and even become more successful than their parents. Whereas it goes without saying that, willy or unwilly, they are under the umbrella of their parents and their names also have a big role in their career achievements.

Whereas we can’t really say about well-known and successful model H. Klum’s charming and unearthly beautiful heiress. She has been called the flower of the modeling business.

As soon as the photos of Klum’s 17-year-old daughter hit the network, she immediately stole many hearts becoming a new Internet star. Both the netizens and modeling agencies were literally left speechless.

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