“It’s nature. I don’t want to go against it!”: The “Pretty Woman” admires her appearance refusing to turn to cosmetologists

Roberts at 55 accepts her age-related changes and is against surgeries and injections

There is probably no single one who hasn’t watched or, at least, heard about “Pretty Woman”, an iconic and well-known movie which immediately gained popularity winning millions of hearts.

This legendary film brought the brilliant and gifted actress worldwide fame and aa huge army of fans and admirers.

As we all know well, ageing is a totally natural and inevitable process and no one on Earth can avoid or go against it. Julia is not an exception and looking at her face now one can clearly notice some wrinkles and folds which is absolutely normal for a 55-year-old woman.

Whereas many don’t miss a single chance to advise her to pay more attention to the way she looks and to take better care of her “imperfect” skin.

Meanwhile, the iconic actress tries not to pay attention to the criticism admitting that she completely accepts herself and wants to age naturally without criticizing her colleagues who periodically turn to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.

Roberts admits that it is wrong to go against the nature and get beauty injections as many rush to do nowadays.

Her fans highly praise her natural beauty and love her the way she is – no matter with or without wrinkles.

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