«In pursuit of eternal youth and beauty»: The way the 81-year-old victim of plastic surgery looked in her archival photos caused a stir

A billionaire who became a plastic surgery victim: This is how she looked in youth

Meet Jocelyn Wildenstein, an 81-year-old victim of plastic surgeries, who has long been listed among those who ruined their natural beauty for the sake of eternal youth and their goal to bring their appearance to perfection.

At the age of 17, Jocelyn, who was born and raised in Switzerland, was lucky enough to meet a producer who encouraged her to start her acting career. Shortly after moving to Paris, she started to live her life to the fullest often being spotted in night clubs.

She quickly switched into one romantic relationship to another and got married only in her 30s.

Many strongly believe that her obsession with surgeries was initially connected with her husband’s preferences since he desired to see a girl of ageless beauty next to him. She could do nothing but agree on blepharoplasty since he liked that cat-eye shape.

According to other rumors, Jocelyn herself decided to radically alter her appearance in pursuit of eternal beauty and youth.

Her first operation was followed by other dozens of beauty procedures as various injections, implants for the correction of her chin and cheekbones as well as skin tightening and so on.

Her husband Wildenstein admitted that he was always the last one who knew about her plastic surgeries and that Jocelyn thought that her skin could be improved the way old furniture is re-upholstered.

Their marriage didn’t last long and the spouses filed for divorce a few years after their wedding. Though the woman received about 2.5 billion dollars as well as 10 years of additional support, in 2016 she announced that she was completely broke.

Many believe that she spent all her money on cosmetic and beauty procedures. More surprisingly, the non-standard woman regrets nothing and doesn’t consider her choice a mistake.

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