«I wish I hadn’t seen this»: The most popular plus-size model in the US weighing 330 lb showed her body from all the angles

The model weighing 330 lb showed her body in a bikini which barely fitted her

Meet Alia Rogers who is considered to be the most famous plus-size model in America. Despite her overweight, the unique girl managed to become an in-demand and popular star gaining overall fame in the world of modeling.

She often leaves everyone speechless with her outfits which barely fit her. For example, her look in a pink T-shirt and a bright yellow trench coat hardly covered her body.

No one could remain indifferent and some even rushed to strongly advise her to urgently drop her extra kilos and start to lead a healthy lifestyle so as to avoid all the possible health-issues.

«She is gradually turning into a ball», «I wish I hadn’t seen this», «You need to watch your eating and start to lead a healthy lifestyle», «Why is she even popular in the US?».

Whereas thousands of netizens praise her for her confidence and high self-esteem admitting that she encourages them to love and accept themselves without being addicted to the beauty standards of today.

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