“Her neck seems unrealistically thin and long”: The recently posted photos of Kim and her heiress caused a stir on network

Kardashian’s fans heavily criticized the celebrity for too much photo retouching

The overall-famous star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and her ex-husband, popular and successful rapper K. West are currently raising their four adorable kids. The celebrity definitely enjoys spending much time with her precious family and has recently delighted her followers posting a heartwarming photo with her 4-year-old heiress.

The vocalist of Flashing lights’ ex-girlfriend appeared in a revealing light-colored tiny bikini which perfectly emphasized her gorgeous curves. The well-known star completed her summer look with stylish sunglasses and collected her hair in a ponytail. Little Chicago’s adorable look in a swimsuit with rhinestones and tiny earrings melted every single one’s heart.

“My baby child”, – Kim captioned the photo. However, a great number of network users rushed to heavily criticize Kim for retouching her photos way too much. Many couldn’t understand why the diva’s neck looked so unrealistically long and thin. The others couldn’t remain indifferent towards Chicago’s cuteness.

“Is her neck this long and thin? I don’t think so, I’m afraid”, “Why does she retouch her photos so much?”, “I hope your neck is okay”, “You resemble Khloe here”, “How adorable Chicago is, I can’t!”, “Her daughter is the exact copy of her mommy”, “Like twins”.

Some clothes of Marilyn were available for the star to wear, whereas Kim wore some of them with buttons undone.

Moreover, the dresses were also slightly damaged, yet the star did her best to lose weight. As a result, she couldn’t avoid criticism towards her.

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