«Her bones are visible again»: Hollywood actress Jolie has noticeably lost weight changing beyond recognition

Neither Jolie’s fans nor the haters remained indifferent seeing Jolie in recent photos

The recent paparazzi photos reveal charming and legendary Hollywood actress Jolie who has noticeably lost weight looking totally unrecognizable. Her fans couldn’t remain indifferent towards these radical changes and started to worry about the celebrity’s health state. Many even hardly recognized the iconic woman in the latest shots.

Neither her fans nor the haters could remain silent seeing how the legendry actress looks now. «Bones are visible again. But why?», «She looks unhealthily thin», «Is that Jolie?».

«She definitely looked much better and attractive before losing weight», «Please eat more. You need that», «Why judge someone if you can focus on yourself?», «Looks exhausted and unenthusiastic».

What can you say about the recent changes she has undergone?

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