“Courtney Cox’s radical transformation”: The way Monica from “Friends”, actress Cox has changed caused a stir

Do you remember Monica from popular series “Friends”? Here is the actress now

The radical transformation of iconic, successful and charming actress C. Cox, the legendary star from series “Friends” didn’t let anybody remain indifferent. It is now hard to recognize the gorgeous young brunette.

Many were left astonished with the recent appearance of the outstanding actress who has lost even more health and, for the sake of regaining her former beauty, has probably turned to cosmetologists.

Though no one knows exactly what she, in fact, did with her face, many are more than sure that she noticeably overdid skin-smoothing injections, that’s why her face looks much stretched out.

Some clearly noticed other radical changes concerning her face, particularly eyelids and cheeks, whereas there is no evidence she has done all this.

Have you watched the series? Did you like Monica?

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