“Christmas photos with her Arab husband”: No one stayed indifferent towards the recent photos of Lohan and her husband

The touching photos of actress Lohan and her Arab husband delighted her fans

The recent heartwarming Christmas photos shared by the outstanding and admirable 36-year-old American actress with her husband melted everyone’s heart. The touching photos were posted on Instagram where the iconic movie star has over 11 million followers. The well-known spouses looked adorable and lovable posing in front of a white X-mas tree and Lohan captioned the photo “Merry Christmas everyone”.

She chose a delicate green dress with a laconic neckline for the celebration completing her look with delicate jewelry and light makeup with her cheeks highlighted with peach blush.

It should be mentioned that in the summer Lohan and her Arab husband, who is a successful businessman, legalized their relationship and, moreover, it is the outstanding movie star’s first marriage.

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