«Cher’s daughter became a man»: Here is Cher’s heiress who became a man and starred in the «American Horror Story»

Are you ready to see archival photos of Cher’s daughter who became a man?

One of the best-known, outstanding and successful American-Armenian performer Cher’s real name is Sherilyn Bono Allman who has recently turned 73.

The iconic singer became a mother in 1969 for the first time giving birth to an absolutely adorable girl named Chastity.

Both parents, the singer and her husband Sonny Bono took an active part in their first heiress’s upbringing taking good care of her and paying as much attention as possible.

Whereas the girl grew up into a reserved and introverted person who had insecurities about her overweight. Her peers often mocked and laughed at her because of her «imperfect figure».

When she was already grown-up and mature enough, Chastity hardly could find clothes which would fit her. Gradually, the girl started to realize that she actually took no interest in cosmetics and other things typical of girls and women.

More interestingly, she soon admitted that she was more interested in women, rather than men which left her family speechless.

She began regularly taking male hormones, ancillary drugs and, moreover, underwent a surgery of sex reassignment.

Soon, she changed her name into Chaz and officially became a man by a court decision.

Since then, Chaz is in the process of getting used to a new name, body and lifestyle. He also released a documentary film the premiere of which was in 2011.

Currently, the man is actively engaged in the protection of rights of people working in a major magazine at the same time. He managed to lose a couple of kilos and, currently, has a girlfriend.

It is worth mentioning that Chaz has also taken part in the American Horror Story and here is the man at the age of 50.

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