“Bought a chimpanzee’s painting for $5000”: The heroic act of Pink buying a chimpanzee’s painting was highly praised

Singer Pink bought a masterpiece, a painting by a chimpanzee for $5000

The fact that the outstanding and praiseworthy woman obtained a paining painted by a chimpanzee for several thousand dollars immediately caused a stir on network.

In Miami, from an exhibition of paintings, the well-known performer bought one of the masterpieces being informed that the process of drawing is very useful for monkeys and even has a therapy effect. It should be noted that the singer herself has long been fighting for the rights of animals even determining to become a vegetarian.

And, once Pink was informed about such a remarkable event, she rushed to have her contribution to it.

Though the iconic star herself wasn’t there at an exhibition, she saw the interesting painting online and, being deeply impressed by it, rushed to purchase it.

The money she paid for obtaining the unique painting will be donated to the international organization of protecting endangered and vulnerable animals in Florida. It is relevant to mention that there dwell about 200 chimpanzees rescued from zoos and laboratories.


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