«Bellucci can’t even stand next to her»: The way French film star Cassel’s wife looked at the event drew everyone’s attention

The chic look of French actor Cassel’s young wife deserves our special attention

The recent spectacular appearance of French actor V. Cassel with his new wife, charming and young model Kunakey, didn’t let anyone there remain indifferent. The network users have long been discussing the union of Bellucci’s ex-husband and the 25-year-old girl and only recently they seem to accept the choice of the prominent French movie star.

«No one can remain indifferent towards her unearthly beauty and femininity», «What a gorgeous woman in front of us», «Cassel has an excellent taste, no question!», «His ex-wife can’t even stand next to her».

«I can admire her forever», «Their clear-cut age difference is hard to ignore», «With Bellucci he looked more harmonious».

«A grandfather is walking his little granddaughter».

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