«At 50 still winning millions of hearts»: Paparazzi spotted iconic 50-year-old film star Paltrow in a swimsuit on the beach

A detox diet and regular sports keep 50-year-old Paltrow’s stunning figure

50-year-old G. Paltrow still wins hearts of men with her chic and stunning figure.

The iconic actress at 50 still looks fantastic and her appearance definitely deserves special attention. Many hardly realize that the well-known movie star is already in her 50s since the Oscar winner looks well-groomed and maintains well her stunning figure.

It should be noted that the outstanding movie star still takes good care of herself going on a certain detox diet and regularly going in for sports. The star has proudly demonstrated her splendid body, the merit of her hard and regular work. Without an ounce of makeup and any other preparedness, Paltrow looked simply amazing and there is no doubt. Her colorful bikini perfectly emphasized the actress’s gorgeous body.

Whereas many rushed to claim that her figure is not as perfect as many are sure of claiming that Paltrow has a small belly and hips. «She truly looks amazing and attractive», «A real woman is right here – with a small belly and hips», «There is no one hotter than her!».

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