«Aren’t even hiding their relationship!»: This is how Taggart,  the new lover of well-known singer and actress Gomez looks

Have you already seen Selena’s new boyfriend? Here is rock musician Taggart

It is worth mentioning that the incredibly talented singer with an angelically beautiful voice, well-known actress as well as our childhood beloved idol is already 30. After the tragic and painful breakup with pop singer J. Bieber, Gomez has always tried to keep her romances and relationships private.

Whereas paparazzi are literally everywhere and it would simply be impossible for her to hide her romance with her new lover for a long time.

Not long ago, the paparazzi caught the popular singer together with rock musician A. Taggart. The couple seemed not to even try to hide their romance and simply enjoyed time together. They were visiting public clubs and were seen together several times.

It is relevant to mention that the member of the Chainsmoker band used to be dating S. Job’s heiress Eve and, what concerns Selena, she was previously in a relationship with Weekend.

Do you think they are actually dating?


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