«Are you sure she’s not adopted?»: The appearance of the heiress of the well-known actress Tilda Swinton raised questions

The way popular actress Tilda Swinton’s heiress looks caused a stir on network

It goes without saying that all the overall-recognized celebrities, no matter they want or not, make their heirs popular too since they are constantly in the spotlight of the paparazzi and journalists.

Well-known and incredibly talented actress T. Swinton has recently taken her daughter at the Cannes Film Festival leaving everyone there speechless.

Surprisingly enough, her heiress has nothing in common and doesn’t look like her famous mother at all. Many rushed to draw parallels with Honor’s and her father’s appearance being more than sure that she inherited his facial features.

The way she has changed over years didn’t let anyone stay indifferent immediately causing a stir on network.

She decided to follow her famous father’s career footsteps already having starred in such great movies as «I Am Love» and «Souvenir». Apart from her acting career, she was filmed for some fashion magazines.

Meanwhile, the charming girl refuses to share details concerning her personal life in order to keep it in secret from the ill-wishers’ eyes.

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