«Archival photos of the female beauty icon»: This is how iconic Loren looked before she brought her appearance to perfection

Have you ever had a chance to see how Loren looked before surgeries? Here she is

As we all certainly know, S. Loren is regarded to be one of the greatest, praiseworthy and attractive actresses in the world cinematography who has always been considered the epitome of female beauty, unique style and attractiveness.

For millions, Loren was the standard of beauty whom each and every woman desired to look like and no single man could remain indifferent. Whereas, believe it or not, the iconic woman hasn’t always looked the same way. The prominent actress has undergone a number of plastic surgeries to bring her appearance to perfection.

When we have a look at the legendary woman’s archival photos, it will be quite easy to notice that she has done some beauty procedures correcting all her «flaws» and
«imperfections». Owing to plastic operations, the influential actress perfectly emphasized her beauty.

What we can clearly notice is that the movie star corrected her face, the shape of her lips, nose as well as her eyes. Of course, the loyal fans of the star stand up for their idol claiming that she has always looked the same, whereas some rush to criticize her for radically altering her appearance.

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