Appearance of an ordinary grandfather. Paparazzi photographed Richard Gere on vacation together with his wife

The current appearance of the ex-Hollywood symbol of attractiveness.

Richard Gere is one of the most well-known Hollywood actors. He has many works in Hollywood movies that have become cult. Fans have always considered Gere the standard of manliness as well as charm. The captivating actor won the hearts of many women. Currently, the women’s idol is already 73.

Definitely, the years had their influence. Gere is no longer that fit handsome man. He had wrinkles, ashy hair as well as a beer stomach. The actor has become a usual grandfather. Nowadays, it is not an easy matter to identify the ex-Hollywood symbol of attractiveness in him.

But Richard Gere himself quietly accepted his senility. He is not pursuing youth. He does not need injections of beauty as well as plastic. Now the actor is enjoying life together with his charming young partner.

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