“All the secrets to ageless beauty!”: The way this stunning 71-year-old woman looks won’t let any of you remain indifferent

The real age of this woman will leave you speechless! Here are her beauty secrets

Once the real age of this incredibly beautiful and gorgeous woman becomes known, one immediately gets confused since looking at her flawless body and charming face it becomes hard to realize that C. Harz in already 71. To everyone’s most frequently asked question, that is how she manages to always keep herself fit and in shape, Harz replies that the secrets to her stunning appearance are the regular sports and absence of products containing sugar in her nutrition.

Many have been wondering how she resists and refuses to eat sweets and, in reply, Caroline claims that it is much better to live for pleasure than to eat for pleasure. Though she doesn’t consume chocolate at all, the woman always stays positive-minded even in the most difficult times in her life.

One factor is also essential and needs to be mentioned – to sleep and rest enough. What is more, walking will keep one healthy as well. In addition to this, Caroline regularly takes up tennis and yoga.

However surprising it might seem, the incredible woman has three heirs and 4 granddaughters. She is a great lover of cooking and is fond of making delicious desserts without sugar.

What Harz strongly advises is to never worry about your age, be self-confident and never compare yourself to others.

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