«A granny with a stunning body in a bikini»: The way this 64-year-old woman looks in a swimsuit will leave you speechless

This woman at 64 showed herself in a revealing bikini and won millions of hearts

Meet this incredibly beautiful Australian woman who has recently proved the entire world that age is simply a number.

It goes without saying that one can achieve heights gaining a desirable and flawless body with the help of maintaining a proper nutrition, leading a healthy lifestyle as well as being regularly engaged in sports. And there is a great number of women who are in their 50s or even 60s and 70s and can prove that the previously mentioned works not only in case of the young.

Meet L. Maxwell who is a 64-year-old Australian and who definitely won’t let any of you remain indifferent. The admirable woman still possesses a stunning body and is the greatest inspiration for millions. Unlike majority of women in their 60s, she can proudly demonstrate her body without embarrassment.

The recent photo Maxwell has posted revealed her in a revealing bikini on the beach.

Many people can hardly believe that Leslie is, in fact, 64 since she looks just amazing. There is no denying that hardly anyone would ever guess her real age.

To the most frequently asked question that how she manages to always keep fit and healthy, Maxwell answers that the key to her stunning appearance is regular physical activities.

Leslie wrote. «Health is more than just appearance. It’s how you feel. You must eat right, play sports, then age will not be terrible for you».


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