«A fantastic bikini queen»: Nina Dobrev, the former «Vampire Diaries» star delighted the followers with her vacation shots

The «Vampire Diaries» star left the fans speechless with her toned attractive body

One thing that is known about the iconic actress is that she is fond of spending time at the beach often delighting her followers with her vacation shots and perfect bikini body. The former «Vampire Diaries» star still remains an idol for millions.

It is worth mentioning that talented snowboarding Olympic gold medalist Shaun White has been dating the outstanding actress for over two years and they managed to take a number of exotic trips together.

Almost a year ago, she showed off her toned body during the vacation in Costa Rica.

She has visited the exotic country dozens of times and it is among her most beloved vacation destinations. In 2018, we could admire her stunning body in a two-piece swimsuit.

No matter she is in the Caribbean, South African safari or on Portugal’s beaches, she is always in the center of attention with her flawless and stunning figure.

Another fact about Dobrev is that it doesn’t matter whether she is at home or during the exotic trips, she never ceases to take her workout gear so as to maintain her figure in a perfect shape.

Before the epidemic first started, she had a personal trainer and regularly attended the gym. Whereas during the lockout, she realized she heavily used to rely on outside sources and started to act independently.

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