«A 6-year-old hero whose act surprised everyone»: This kind-hearted boy, who saved money for Disneyland, donated it to the injured

The heroic act of a 6-year-old child who donated money to the injured of a hurricane

Such praiseworthy cases make us restore our belief in humanity proving that there are still generous and kind-hearted people out there who are eager to offer their priceless help to the needy ones and who simply can’t remain indifferent towards others’ suffering. Meet 6-year-old Jermain whose heroic act literally left everyone speechless. After being informed about the people who greatly suffered from a hurricane, the little kid strongly refused to celebrate his birthday and, instead, determined to donate the money he had collected.

The kind-hearted boy had a cherished dream to visit Disneyland, whereas decided to buy a huge amount of food and give it to those who were greatly injured. What is more, he prayed for the needy ones and people couldn’t find any words to express their gratitude.

Jermain holds the opinion that he can make his dream come true one day, but the help he rushed to offer was necessary. Let’s thank him for being kind to those who need it the most.

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