Who are the kids of well-known Hollywood actress Julia Roberts?

The celebrity has three children: twins and a younger son.

Julia Roberts is a well-known, gifted as well as attractive Hollywood actress. We all know this but apart from an excellent acting career, she is a wonderful mother.

The celebrity has three kids: twins, a daughter Hazel Patricia and son Phineas Walter, and a younger son named Henry Daniel Moder.

Currently, Hazel goes to a private school in Los Angeles and studies well. The girl has already made an attempt to act, and starred in a number of movies but has the desire to become a model.

Her twin Phineas has not yet made up his mind about who he will be but the younger one will probably sing. He goes to a vocal school and is very good at it.

Fans of the actress always try to see the faces of her kids in random shots because Julia strictly forbade them to have an account on social networks.

Nevertheless, not so long ago, Julia Roberts’ spouse Daniel Moder rarely posted family shots. “An attractive mother is in the center. “We love you very much,” Daniel wrote under the photo.

The actress did not ignore Mother’s Day and posted a beautiful shot with fans.

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