“When no one is around!”: Paparazzi caught the star from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” without cosmetics on

The natural look of Kourtney Kardashian will definitely leave you speechless

Here is Kourtney Kardashian, a well-known and successful celebrity who, like her overall-recognized sisters, frequently delights her fans with her bright and extravagant images as well as her splendid and attractive body. Millions frequently compliment her on her flawless skin, the absence of wrinkles and any other age-related changes as well as attractiveness of the star.

Many have a cherished dream of looking like the iconic celebrity often being influenced by her glamorous and fashionable outfits. Her loyal fans are simply fond of her absolutely unique style whose wardrobe mainly consists of revealing and attractive dresses, fashionable crop tops, ultra minis and brandy accessories.

Whereas lately, the popular businesswoman was caught in black sunglasses, with a cup of tea in her hand and completely without an ounce of makeup. Many noticed her greasy hair and bumpy skin making sure that the star doesn’t pay much attention to the way she looks in daily life.

The “imperfect” skin of the star from “Keeping Up with the Kardashian” caused a stir on network since each and every wrinkle and pore of the woman was clearly seen. Many hold the opinion that the celebrity prefers to age naturally without regularly turning to cosmetologists.

This is how the netizens commented. “My God, she looks awful”, “I can’t understand why she has so many pores and wrinkles”, “I wish I didn’t see her”.

What can you say about the American celebrity’s natural appearance?

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