This comic performs a ridiculous number at America’s Got Talent

His jokes will have you laughing from the beginning to termination.

As kids, we have dreams to become astronauts, veterinarians, or even doctors. As we get older, our longings, as well as our goals, become a little more realistic and honed to what we are after.

Michael Yo knows a thing or two about not pursuing your dreams. He was interviewing celebrities all over Hollywood when he realized it was time for him to step into the spotlight. It was then that he moved from talking to celebrities on the red carpet to performing live comedies for them.

He appeared on America’s Got Talent, where the comedian performed a ridiculous show about aging. Michael made the jury laugh out loud with a joke about uncertainties in unforeseen situations.

His jokes are useful as well as relevant and will have you laughing from the beginning to termination. It’s nice to see how someone goes to their aims and achieves success in this. We are hopeful that Michael will have many successful years that make people smile.

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