“Therapy several times a day after the divorce”: Being unable to control her emotions, Adele cried in front of her audience

Adele emotionally burst into tears during her performance because of the breakup

Being unable to hold back her tears and control her emotions, the legendary singer and songwriter burst into tears during one of her brilliant performances in Las Vegas. The praiseworthy 34-year-old woman emotionally announced the collapse of her marriage.

Her concert tour began at the Caesars Palace Coliseum and the iconic woman would perform eight shows within four months. Millions were attracted with the spectacular appearance of the performer impatiently waiting for her to come on the stage. It is relevant to mention that she couldn’t control her emotions in front of her fans who supported their idol.

She shared her honest thoughts admitting that people should put friendship before romance since when she was experiencing a difficult period it was her friends who helped her overcome the situation and collect herself from pieces after splitting up with her husband.

It is worth mentioning that the praiseworthy singer and her ex-husband S. Konecki who is a 48-year-old businessman have a ten-year-old heir named Angelo.

She encouraged her followers to highly value friendship and always bear in mind that friends are better than any man and any woman. Adele advised the audience to keep their friends close and never leave them.

The performer confessed that she received therapy and was greatly traumatized after her divorce. As a reminder, Adele and Simon began dating in 2011 and secretly got married in 2017.

It was in 2019 Adele regretfully announced their divorce the reason of which is still unknown to us. The ex-couple keeps in touch with each other for the sake of their son.


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