“The youngest heir of Musk”: Billionaire entrepreneur Musk eventually showed his youngest heir

Musk finally showed his youngest son whose unusual name left people speechless

For the first time during a relatively long period, E. Musk, the founder of SpaceX as well as many other successful companies of today, eventually showed his youngest heir who has been given a rather strange and extraordinary name.

The adorable little boy was born by the Canadian singer Grimes and the news of the birth of the overall-recognized entrepreneur didn’t let any of his fans stay indifferent.

Whereas the non-standard name of the youthful boy undoubtedly deserves special attention. However surprising it might seem, the billionaire named the boy X AE A-12.

Many rushed to remark that the appearance of the awesome child has noticeably changed. He has turned into an absolutely adorable fair-haired 2-years-old boy.

The long-waited photo of the legendary man’s youngest son was shared on Twitter showing the boy posing against the background of an installation in San Francisco.

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