“The world’s most tattooed chef”: Here is the most tattooed chef on Earth who spent about $100 000 on tattoos

This is how the Canadian man who spent about $100 000 on tattoos looks now

Meet a resident of Canada, a chef by profession who has recently been titled the most tattooed chef in the entire world. The absolutely unique man is proud of the number of tattoos he possesses on his body and, probably, is not going to stop.

However unexpected it may seem to many, his extraordinary and non-standard appearance didn’t prevent him from building a drizzling career in the sphere of catering the details of which will be demonstrated by the Celebrity channel.

According to the man, he got his very first tattoo 13 years ago immortalizing the name of his newborn heir.

Soon he became unstoppable spending in total 97 thousand dollars on all the tattoos on his body. Whereas if we count his piercings as well, the amount of money that he has spent will reach 113 thousand dollars.

On contrary to many people’s opinions that his whole body is actually covered with tattoos, the man’s body’s only upper part is covered with drawings. According to Remy, getting tattoos in such areas is rather painful and he strongly advises those who want to get tattoos to think twice.

Remy admits that he mainly receives negativity and criticism from the passers-by and network users who don’t miss a chance to judge his non-standard and extraordinary appearance. Whereas those who don’t criticize him, instead, get fascinated and often ask to take photos with him being unable to stay indifferent.

The Canadian chef added that he often has to handle the heavy criticism he faces on the network adding that he wishes his ill-wishers success and happiness since Remy is more than sure that their negative comments are caused by their insecurities or traumas.

For those who have a cherished dream to cover their bodies with tattoos, Remy has a piece of advice – to think thoroughly and make sure they won’t ever regret it.

How did you find the non-standard appearance of the Canadian chef?

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