The two rapidly became closest companions. The well-known artist decided to invite the old woman to his house

Generosity first begins with us, then we allow it to reach those precious to us.

This can be expressed very plainly, as plainly as respecting them or lending a helping hand to those who are in need.

This man has become a prime instance of demonstrating generosity to everyone.

This actor is Chris Salvatore, who made a sudden decision to make friends with a woman who is 89.

When he moved into his flat located in Los Angeles, he spotted a woman looking out the window as well as sending him an amiable hello.

The actor made up his mind to call on her after knowing that she lives alone with her cat.

He realized that the least he could do for her was spend time with her in order to fill her loneliness.

His visits shortly became common and the two rapidly became closest companions.

They both enjoyed spending time with each other and enjoyed long conversations as well as amusing stories.

The artist posted shots with a fellow on his social networks. In the shots, they frequently feast a holiday or eat pizza together.

Remarkably, his posts with this woman have received more likes than any other post he has shared.

Nevertheless, then their bright and warm days began to fade, as an elderly woman was diagnosed with leukemia.

Chris instantly took action to assist her and opened a GoFundMe account asking for assistance.

It was amazing to raise more than $34,000 in one night!

This made them on cloud nine. Even with the help of Chris’ posts, people managed to become attached to Norman very much as well as support her in any way they could.

Nonetheless, the funds soon ran out. And Chris made a decision. He invited the woman to move into his flat.

This will make both of them feel cozier. That way he could look after her by providing her with everything she needed.

Nevertheless, Norman never had the desire to disturb Chris. Even until the ultimate moment, she refused to go to the hospital.

She had the desire to be next to Chris and the cat. In the ultimate years of her life, she found a man who rapidly became her family.

Sadly, after a while, Norman passed away. Chris was in a lot of pain and made up his mind to share it on social media.

You can check more in the clip below.

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