“The sweet soul of Kirstie has left us”: The words of John Travolta about Alley made everyone burst into tears

John Travolta’s touching words addressed to late Kirstie Alley moved everyone

The recent tragic incident, the departure of Kirstie Alley became an irreversible loss for Hollywood film star J. Travolta. The 68-year-old man addressed his words full of sympathy and regret towards late K. Alley who was a close friend of him.

There were no words that could express the actor’s sadness and the speech that Travolta addressed to the late woman didn’t let anybody stay indifferent.

The legendary man admitted that Kirstie was one of the most extraordinary women he has ever known and hopes they will meet again. John claimed Kirstie was special and that he loved her unconditionally.

It should be noted that Travolta and the late actress starred in the movie “Who Would Tell” about a woman who was a single mother who rushed to hospital and, what concerns John, he played the role of a taxi driver. While on the way, these two befriended and, what is more, the man became the nurse for a unique baby.

According to Travolta, she was a great character on Scream Queens and a great mama bear in real life. She helped the actor buy overalls for his family for Christmas.

Tim Allen regrettably said “The sweet soul of Kirstie has left us. It’s very sad”.

The star of “Terminator”, R. Patrick also addressed a speech to the actress. “This is sad news. Rest in peace. My condolences to her family”.

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