The strongest guy in the world. What he does and what he looks like at 24?

Presently, Richard carried on playing sports but not so tolerantly.

Nearly 15 years ago, Richard Sandrak, who went from Ukraine to the United States, was named the mightiest boy in the world.

Currently, we will tell you how his life turned out, what he does and what he looks like at 24.

Richard began to play sports gravely from an early age. And already at 8, he was able to squeeze over 15 kg lying down. At 11, he gained 24 pounds.

Presently, he is 24 and it is hard to call him muscular.

He once received the title “Little Hercules”. He was continuously invited to contests, TV shows, advertising, magazines as well as even movies. That is the reason that Richard’s family went to California so that he could completely find himself.

Training, nutrition, routine. These points were controlled by the boy’s dad, an ex-world martial arts champion. Very frequently, a man was criticized for abusing his son and putting a lot of pressure on him.

And when Richard was 11, he himself contacted the police when his dad attacked his mother. The man was imprisoned for domestic outrage.

The boy ceased being in touch with his dad and did not know him anymore. For a while, he was still training. But, step by step, the training lowered.

At the moment, Richard puts it this way.

“I am very proud of my childhood achievements and I am not ashamed of them and I do not make an attempt to conceal this period of my life from anyone.”

And adds:

“I don’t have the desire to live like this anymore. I made an attempt to find out that this was some kind of error of nature. But I was not the only kid who was able to achieve great results through diligent training.”

Currently, Richard carried on playing sports but not so tolerantly. He runs every morning and loves to skateboard as well. He is a professional stuntman at the Water World show in Los Angeles, where he is set on fire at least five times a day, and then has to plunge from a great height into the water.

Once he was asked what he desires to become, the response was sudden.

“A quantum physicist…or a NASA engineer. I think why shouldn’t I be like that?”

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